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The REV Force Suite of Engine Technologies is an innovative clean sheet redesign of how a traditional internal combustion engine operates. As a result, a REV Force designed engine can utilize almost any type of combustible fuel, including net-zero carbon fuels like pure ethanol, ammonia, and hydrogen. It is also much more efficient, producing more power then any engine of it’s size and type.

A new innovation in engine design and method of operation that allows for the dynamic in cycle control of airflow, compression, air to fuel mixture, and cylinder charging.


In design, power output, fuel-consumption, and control​

A REV Force designed engine allows for full and dynamic control of air and fuel into and through the combustion chamber. The piston is no longer used to pump air and fuel. This new control methodology allows the engine to produce high amounts of power when needed or run ultra lean to conserver fuel. This is revolutionary in both the design and operation of a traditional piston engine


Dynamic control of compression, air, and fuel mixture

One of the most unique and amazing aspects of a REV Force designed engine is it’s ability to dynamically control air pressure, air temperature, air-to-fuel mixture, and compression ratio. This allows a REV Force designed engine to easily adapt itself to the requirements of almost any type of fuel dynamically.


Ultra-high power output resulting from two-stroke design

One of the major advantages of a REV Force designed engine is increased power output. A REV Force designed engine produce more power for it’s size and weight than any other type of piston engine, all while reducing fuel consumption and emissions to unprecedented levels.


Improved control of air fuel mixture and removal of oil from fuel

REV Force designed engines can dynamically control air and fuel mixture to eliminate unburned hydrocarbons and utilize a high percentage of exhaust gas recovery to further reduce emissions. This allows for highly efficient consumption of fuel and use exhaust after treatment technologies to meet the toughest current and future emissions standards.


Simplicity in design

A REV Force designed engine has less moving parts than a traditional four-stroke engine, making it easier to maintain and cost less to produce. Engines designs incorporating REV Force do not require cam shafts and overhead valve assemblies that are complex and require lubrication. A REV Force designed engine is able to run for longer periods between duty cycles and is easy to maintain and repair.


Net-zero Carbon Emission running on clean fuels

Clean burning fuels like pure ethanol, ammonia, and hydrogen require unique conditions in order to be used efficiently. REV Force designed engines are able to meet these unique requirements, and when these fuels are produced from green sources, have a net-zero impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global warming.

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