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There are an estimated 118 million diesel and other fossil fuel power generators used throughout the world today, contributing gigatons of CO2 during their lifetime of use. This is a largely overlooked and substantial contributor to climate change. These generators provide primary, backup, and auxiliary power to industries and communities worldwide. Climate change and increasing electrical demands are driving growth in the use of these polluting dinosaurs for power generation. The generator market is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of over 7%, doubling in size within 10 years. If not addressed, this trend will result in a significant increase in CO2 and other harmful emissions.

The increased use of batteries and other storage technologies is helping reduce the need for fuel-powered generators; however, these technologies are still quite expensive, do not scale well, and can only store electricity. The fundamental need to quickly and easily generate significant amounts of power is not going away anytime soon. The loss of modern conveniences like the internet, heating, air conditioning, and the ability to conduct commerce or charge our electric vehicles has too much of an economic and personal impact on our lives. There is a technological gap that needs to be filled by new power generation technology capable of producing large amounts of electricity quickly without harming the environment.

Alpha-Otto Technologies recognizes the need for innovation in this space and has developed The Power Cube, a revolutionary leap in electricity generation. The Power Cube is an incredibly compact, high-output micro-powerplant that can efficiently operate on a wide range of clean and renewable fuels. Renewable fuels like green-produced hydrogen, methanol, biofuels, and ammonia are excellent and critical energy resources vital to a cleaner and more sustainable future. The Power Cube is one of the cleanest electric generation technologies available, setting a new standard for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from localized power generation.

The Power Cube is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a game-changer. It’s poised to set a new standard for high-output renewable power generation, both on and off the grid. This innovation represents a significant step forward in mobile, backup, and distributed power generation. It’s a crucial technology for establishing and expanding the global supply chain for renewable fuels and increasing clean energy production. The Power Cube enables the growth and development of distributed generation and microgrids, improving the resilience of our electric infrastructure.

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